Show Passion for Your Teaching Job

In today’s competitive education job search market, your cover letter plays a bigger role than ever in helping your prospective school district learn more about the value you bring to the table. Will you be the one that can

Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample - This cover letter grabs the reader’s eye right away with the art-related graphic and blue highlights. Immediately this format conveys the creative side of the teacher. Within the text you will notice a description of Kerry’s post-secondary education, various teaching opportunities, and the effective support she provides for students.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Sample - Take a look at this eye-catching sample cover letter. The graphic of the books highlights Mary’s commitment to reading and a literature-based program. As well, the introductory paragraph lets one know of her university education, teaching license, and her many years of teaching experience; thus demonstrating her hands-on expertise and commitment to the field of education.

English Teacher Cover Letter Sample - This is a cover letter that those who are hiring will not soon forget. This letter has a very concise and appealing feel. It showcases Kelly’s education, skill sets, talents, and ability to engage students in learning and literature.

Librarian Media Specialist Cover Letter Sample - Have a look at this attention-grabbing sample cover letter. Right away the reader is made aware of Carin’s exceptional qualifications and skills. The letter demonstrates her ability to maintain a well-functioning library, as well as to develop and deliver a technology-rich curriculum.

Math Teacher Cover Letter Sample - By using math-related graphics, this cover letter immediately conveys Albert’s passion for the subject and desire to teach. The reader is quickly made aware of his 20 years of teaching experience, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, and teaching certifications, as well as his ability to reach all levels of learners.

Science Teacher Cover Letter Sample - By including a little science-related graphic, this sample cover letter immediately conveys that this specific Science Teacher is fun and creative – important qualities needed to develop stimulating lesson plans and for engaging the learners.

Social Study Teacher Cover Letter Sample - This sample cover letter has a clean and crisp feel to it, displaying an attractive border, font type, and overall format; it screams professional! Right away the reader is made aware of Paul’s Master’s Degree, Teaching Certification, five years of hands-on experience, and his proven ambition.

Spanish Teacher Cover Letter Sample - Examine this concise and appealing cover letter, which demonstrates Julie’s fluency in Spanish, academic credentials, and excellent, seven-year track record. After highlighting these key qualifications, we have tailored the second paragraph to convey this Spanish Teacher’s true love and passion for education, along with her talent for assisting all styles of learners.

Teacher’s Aide Cover Letter Sample - Right away this cover letter piques the reader’s interest! The opening paragraph includes Louis’ post-secondary education, highlighting his minor in Education; as well as expressing his nine years of dedicated experience as a teaching professional.

Vice Principal Cover Letter Sample - This sample cover letter delivers a lasting impact on the reader, starting with an impressive opening paragraph that recalls John’s many years of experience, academic credentials, and confidence in himself, which leaves a person wanting to read more.


These cover letter samples are courtesy of Candace Davies from A+ Resumes for Teachers


Candace Davies is the author and owner of A+ Resumes for Teachers which has been in operation for 10 years. Candace is a Resume Writing and Interview Coach Strategist that is dedicated to assisting teachers, administrators, corporate trainers and other professions within the education sector.

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Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample

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English Teacher Cover Letter Sample

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